Krystle Wittevrongel

Senior Policy Analyst and Alberta Project Lead

As a public policy analyst, Krystle collects and analyzes data related to public policies and their success, or lack thereof. Through rigorous examination, she works to make sense of these policies and to analyze and evaluate their actual effects, which often diverge from their expected results. She appreciates the impact that her research can have on Canadians, and enjoys having to think critically and creatively, all while keeping up to date on economic and policy developments.

Krystle holds a BA, BSc, Master of Public Policy, and Master of Science, all from the University of Calgary. She has received several academic scholarships for the quality of her work at the graduate level and has published articles in a number of specialized academic journals. Prior to joining the MEI team in February 2021 she worked at the School of Public Policy and collaborated with the MEI as an Associate Researcher. In her free time, you can find Krystle rock climbing, travelling, exploring the great outdoors, or spending time with friends and family.

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