What If Tuition Fees Were Adjusted?

Adjusting tuition fees in Quebec based on program costs would be fairer, and would be less expensive for over half of undergraduate students, according to this new publication by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI).

Canada needs school choice

The bulk of the empirical literature in the economics of education suggests that policies that improve parental choice and school autonomy provide better ways to spend.

Improving Schooling Outcomes: It’s about Choice, Not Spending More

With students across Canada preparing to go back to school, the MEI released this study on how to improve educational outcomes. Vincent Geloso, Senior Economist at the MEI, concludes that it is an illusion to think that the quality of education will be improved merely by increasing government spending.

Charter Schools Are Public Schools

Charter schools in Alberta are autonomous and non-profit, and they follow the curriculum set out by the province. Yet critics are complaining about the diversion of funding from public schools—even though charter schools are public schools.

Quebec Budget: Unsustainable Spending Growth

On Tuesday, March 22, the Quebec government tabled its 2022-2023 provincial budget. In this publication, we note the significant growth in portfolio spending in recent decades, taking into account the newly-released numbers, and we use different scenarios to illustrate the magnitude of this increase.

Liberté d’expression : la censure doit cesser

Montréal, le 29 septembre 2021 – Ce matin, de nouvelles données publiées par La Presse sont venues confirmer un constat pour le moins inquiétant : une majorité de professeurs d’université pratiquent l’autocensure. Nos chercheurs à l’Institut économique de Montréal ont souhaité chiffrer les pertes économiques associées à une diminution de la liberté d’expression au Québec.

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