Send Money and Power to Classrooms, Not School Boards

If replacing school boards with service centres will give schools more of the autonomy they need to do the best job they can, and give more power to parents and students, then it’s the right move for both anglophone and francophone communities.

Monopoly school systems make even less sense now

Provincial governments in Ontario and across Canada should follow the example of states in the U.S. that have in the past year delivered the wider access to school choice that families want for their children.

Education: Controlling Spending While Improving Quality

When it comes to education, successive Quebec governments have rarely been shy to brag about their “investments.” Especially in recent years, education has often been one of the favourite themes of the various political parties. Knowing that this file represents the second largest item in the province’s budget, and that education spending is expected to keep growing, two questions arise: Is this growth sustainable, and is there a way to do things differently?

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