Telemedicine works. Don’t let government near it

The federal government has announced plans to “crack down” on telemedicine by forcing provinces to cover its costs. In addition to violating the constitutional division of powers, shifting telemedicine costs from private parties to the provinces is fiscally untenable.

IEDM – La télémédecine en péril! – Gabriel Giguère

Interview (in French) with Gabriel Giguère, Senior Policy Analyst at the MEI, on Ottawa’s decision to mandate provincial coverage of telemedicine care, and how it risks hampering access to one of the few aspects of our health care system that works well. Broadcast on July 15, 2024 as part of the Pierre Nantel show, on QUB Radio.

How Regulation Made Montreal Unaffordable

The regulatory burden is preventing the housing supply from adjusting itself, contributing to the rapid increase in housing prices seen in Montreal, points out this study published by the MEI. “The more regulation there is, the longer it takes and the more it costs to build new units, thus making housing more expensive and harder to find,” says Vincent Geloso, senior economist at the MEI and author of the study.

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