For a Better CPI Indicator in Canada

For over a year now, statistics have shown an unusual rise in the general price level as calculated by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The highest seen in 40 years, this increase has fuelled public debate as well as anxiety among Canadians. Researchers at the MEI believe that the actual deterioration in purchasing power is much more pronounced than the official rate would indicate, and they challenge the validity of the metrics employed by Statistics Canada which in their view do not reflect the true inflationary pressure experienced since the beginning of this year.

Le Canada doit exporter son gaz vers l’Europe

Malgré d’importants gains économiques, les gouvernements du Québec et du Canada refusent de donner le feu vert au développement du gaz naturel ou à la construction des infrastructures énergétiques requises pour exporter le gaz déjà produit.

Canada needs school choice

The bulk of the empirical literature in the economics of education suggests that policies that improve parental choice and school autonomy provide better ways to spend.

Supply management and economics 101

Supply management is an artificial control of the dairy supply through quotas and controlling imports “as a means of setting stable prices for both farmers and consumers.”

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