In a health and economic crisis such as the one brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and governments’ responses to it, the MEI has a crucial role to play. It is our job to examine the unintended consequences for individuals and businesses of various laws and rules, in contrast with their stated goals. It is also part of our mandate to shine a light on the fiscal policies of governments and to study their effect on economic growth and our standard of living.

Here is a list of the content put out by the MEI since the beginning of the crisis.

MARCH 31, 2022
Eternal Vigilance in the Age of COVID

FEBRUARY 22, 2022
Your move, Health Canada

FEBRUARY 15, 2022
The urgent need to end the uncertainty

JANUARY 28, 2022
The new Pfizer pill: Now that’s something we do want to spread

JANUARY 27, 2022
A plea for a rational usage of experts and ‘science’

JANUARY 22, 2022
Des soins de qualité «B», vraiment?

JANUARY 12, 2022
Anti-vax tax: Let’s not rush into anything – An interesting idea, but an ill-advised application

JANUARY 10, 2022
Quebec to review whether or not to lift completely ineffectual curfew

JANUARY 5, 2022
Couvre-feu : aucun effet sur le nombre de case

JUNE 17, 2021
Shortening Approval Delays for New Drugs: A Safe, Straightforward Prescription

JUNE 9, 2021
Telemedicine Improves Access to Care While Reducing Demand on ERs

JUNE 2, 2021
Don’t steal from Peter to vaccinate Paul

MAY 17, 2021
E-Book – Life After COVID: What’s Next for Canada?

APRIL 28, 2021
For a Decentralized Vaccine Passport

APRIL 12, 2021
COVID-19: Alberta Needs Broader Reform to Tackle Surgical Backlog

APRIL 8, 2021
Quebec’s COVID-19 LTC Disaster: Up to 6,700 Lives Could Have Been Saved

MARCH 26, 2021
Lessons from Florida and COVID-19: Protect the Elderly and Keep the World Turning

MARCH 11, 2021
Entrepreneurs Stepped Up in Response to COVID-19

FEBRUARY 11, 2021
Vaccination: nous avons besoin des pharmaciens

Structural Weaknesses in Canada’s Health Care Surge Capacity

JANUARY 6, 2021
There’s a tendency to go overboard with restrictions (part I)

There’s a tendency to go overboard with restrictions (part II)

DECEMBER 27, 2020
It’s time to get smart about fighting COVID-19

DECEMBER 23, 2020
Prochaine phase de la bataille COVID-19: des tests de masse ciblés

DECEMBER 16, 2020
Second Time’s the Harm: Repeated Lockdowns Risk Turning a Temporary Downturn into an Ongoing Depression

DECEMBER 12, 2020
Pandemic policy overkill will do long-term harm

DECEMBER 10, 2020
Fermer les restaurants: une décision politique, pas scientifique!

DECEMBER 2, 2020
Canada’s deficits increasingly worrisome

For a Strong and Resilient Post-COVID Health Care System – Reforms to Expand Surge Capacity

NOVEMBER 18, 2020
Apprendrons-nous à apprécier le «Big Pharma»?

NOVEMBER 7, 2020
Allons-nous sacrifier l’État de droit au nom de la crise Covid?

NOVEMBER 3, 2020
The most vulnerable hit hard by lockdowns

OCTOBER 27, 2020
PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19: The government is acting in secret and ignoring access to information requests

OCTOBER 23, 2020
Les Débats de l’IEDM : Le confinement en vaut-il le coût? (in French only)

OCTOBER 19, 2020
Il n’y a pire aveugle que celui qui ne veut pas voir

OCTOBER 15, 2020
The promotion of telemedicine must continue

OCTOBER 13, 2020
L’unanimité dans les médias est inquiétante

OCTOBER 7, 2020
Confinement : le nouveau totalitarisme

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
SPECIAL PUBLICATION: 34 references to scientific articles or to experts concerning COVID-19

The government is responsible for restauranteurs’ woes

SEPTEMBER 28, 2020
The economy holds its breath

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
L’État policier anti-Covid: un danger pour nos sociétés

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020
COVID-19 – Of course there’s no government “conspiracy”

Associés aux complotistes et aux anti-masque?

The probability of not dying from COVID-19 based on official data provided by provincial and federal governments

AUGUST 14, 2020
Confinement : des effets parfois dramatiques sur les enfants

AUGUST 10, 2020
Restoring the Freedom to Travel

AUGUST 4, 2020
The Second Wave Mirage

JULY 23, 2020
PRESS RELEASE: INSPQ data: A 94% drop in active COVID-19 cases

COVID-19: Transparency needed

JULY 16, 2020
Nos sociétés doivent retrouver le goût de la prise de risque

JULY 9, 2020
COVID-19: We now know the recipe for success

JULY 8, 2020
Overdoses have exploded under lockdowns

JULY 7, 2020
To what extent did COVID-19 increase the mortality rate?

JUNE 30, 2020
VIEWPOINT: Ending the Lockdown Depression

JUNE 29, 2020
VIDEO: Are Severe Lockdowns Really Effective?

JUNE 19, 2020
La « science », le mot magique des politiciens

JUNE 15, 2020
COVID-19 mortality rate vs. car accident mortality rate for young Canadians

JUNE 10, 2020
COVID-19: Non-pharmaceutical interventions have helped, but which ones?

JUNE 9, 2020
ECONOMIC NOTE: Principles for Responsible Government Relief During a Crisis

JUNE 4, 2020
ECONOMIC NOTE: The Flawed COVID-19 Model That Locked Down Canada

MAY 25, 2020
PRESS RELEASE: CDC revises COVID-19 mortality rate downward on new data

May 22, 2020
Smarter Policy at Senior Centres May Have Massively Reduced COVID-19 Death

MAY 21, 2020
Ne laissons pas la crise du Covid instaurer un climat de censure
Preparedness trumped lockdowns when it comes to saving lives in Europe

MAY 20, 2020
VIEWPOINT: Are We Overestimating How Many Canadians Are Dying of COVID-19?

MAY 14, 2020
The Case for Widespread Mask Use

MAY 5, 2020
VIEWPOINT: Five Key Facts That Argue Against Continuing the Lockdown

MAY 4, 2020
As Canadian hospitals turn out the lights, have we overreacted?

MAY 2, 2020
Il est temps de se dire les vraies choses concernant la réouverture de l’économie

APRIL 30, 2020
What will a post-pandemic world look like?
250 MILLIARDS de déficit! Quelles seront les conséquences?

APRIL 28, 2020
COVID-19: Nine measures to keep workers safer at work

APRIL 16, 2020
VIEWPOINT: Solutions to Help Restaurateurs Make It Through the Crisis

APRIL 7, 2020
VIEWPOINT: The Lessons to Be Learned from Past Pandemics

APRIL 6, 2020
Why Canada Does Not Need a Marshall Plan to Respond to the Pandemic

MARCH 27, 2020
COVID-19 : Le génie humain à l’oeuvre
Medical entrepreneurship might save us from death by authorized health care

MARCH 26, 2020
Less regulation, more production during the crisis, and after too

MARCH 20, 2020
Censorship and violence: The modus operandi of totalitarian regimes in times of crisis
The blessings of individual liberty: Regular people coming together to help those in need

MARCH 19, 2020
Coronavirus in Italy vs. Germany, and implications for Canada


“The big takeaway from the pandemic era might not be the ease with which governments steal away our freedom by invoking the alleged necessities of a crisis. The real revelation is how little effort it takes to make many people like it.” ‒​J.D. Tuccille, “The COVID-19 Pandemic Keeps Proving Deadly to Liberty,” Reason Magazine, September 11, 2020.

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