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IEDM – Des soins de qualité «B», vraiment? – Miguel Ouellette

Interview (in French) with Miguel Ouellette, Director of Operations and Economist at the MEI, about the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health, Lucie Opatrny, who recently mentioned that we will have no other choice but to provide “B instead of A+” health care. Broadcast on January 22, 2022 as part of the program Le Québec matin, on LCN-TV.

Des soins de qualité «B», vraiment?

Visiblement, le problème du système de santé québécois n’est pas seulement dû à la pandémie : nous manquons atrocement de capacité et de personnel, et l’accessibilité aux soins peut être compromise à tout moment.

Healthcare in Canada 2021

While the Canadian health care system’s capacity to treat more patients during the pandemic remains particularly low, a clear majority of Canadians (58%) want their governments to allow increased access to health care services provided by entrepreneurs, versus just 27% who are opposed to this. Moreover, according to the Ipsos poll commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute, a majority of Canadians (52%) also agree that the rate of increase in health care spending is unsustainable.

Banning blood buys is bad business

It has been urged by ethicists and economists, including two Nobel Prize winners, that bans on paying for plasma be rethought, as both the ethical and economic arguments against a compensatory model are weak.

Quebec’s health care system needs fundamental reforms

The amount Quebec spends on health care is alarming. The Department’s budget has gone from $22 billion in 2004 to $45 billion last year. In Quebec, the wait for finding a family doctor is 599 days. In 2019, some 380,000 Quebecers left an ER without having been treated. Are we really getting our money’s worth?

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