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Economic growth is good for your health

The more our economy grows, the greater our ability to invest in life-saving and life-improving treatments and procedures, equipping ourselves with tools that enable us to live longer, healthier lives.

Why Economic Growth Is Good for Your Health

There is a connection between economic growth and increased life expectancy, concludes this study published by the MEI. “With some people calling for ‘degrowth,’ it’s worth remembering that a wealthier world is a healthier world,” says Vincent Geloso, Senior Economist at the MEI and author of the study.

Ode à la croissance

Loin d’être la menace que l’on nous présente, la croissance a le plus souvent été une source de solutions pour les problèmes auxquels l’humanité doit faire face.

Lessons from Ranking the Fiscal Performance of Quebec Premiers Since 1944

Former Premier Jacques Parizeau takes the top prize in terms of fiscal responsibility, according to this ranking of Quebec premiers since 1944 published by the MEI. The size of the Quebec government reached a historic high of 28% of GDP last year. François Legault is ranked 12th out of 14 premiers in terms of fiscal responsibility.

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