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MEI – Ballooning Public Service – Renaud Brossard

Interview with Renaud Brossard, Vice President, Communications at the MEI, about a recent MEI report ranking the five major prime ministers who have held power since 1984 based on the variation in the number of federal public servants per 1,000 inhabitants during their mandates and why a rapidly expanding civil service is a cause for concern. Published on Conversation That Matters on March 22, 2024.

Why economic liberalism still matters

For many of the issues our society is facing, from lagging productivity to our perennially underperforming health-care systems, at least a part of the problem is a lack of economic freedom.


Il n’est plus possible de parler d’une force inexorable qui pousse les inégalités vers le haut. Pas plus que de défendre l’importance de l’imposition sur les fortunés pour égaliser et de blâmer la faillite de l’État-providence.

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