The budget Quebecers needed

Legault government is revolutionizing how the province’s health care system is financed. For patients, this is cause for celebration.

Le budget dont les Québécois avaient besoin

Dans l’ensemble, le gouvernement a déposé le budget dont les Québécois et Québécoises avaient besoin. Pour les contribuables les plus taxés du continent, c’est un peu de répit bien nécessaire qui leur est offert.

Will Interest Rates Make Debt Service Payments Explode?

Higher interest rates would lead to a rapid increase in debt service payments for the Quebec government, according to this study by the MEI. The Institute calculates that an increase of 0.76 percentage points in the effective rate on new borrowing by the Quebec government would result in a $1.56 billion increase in interest payments on the debt in 2027.

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