Budget Surpluses: Quebec Must Give Taxpayers Back Their Money

Quebec’s robust economic growth in recent years has allowed the government to record a surplus each of the past five budgets. Between the 2014-2015 and 2018-2019 fiscal years, Quebec accumulated budget surpluses totalling $21.3 billion, a strong argument for a personal income tax cut, shows this MEI publication.

Le piège de la taxation numérique

Une taxe sur le numérique cause plus de problèmes qu’elle n’en résout et risque de nuire aux consommateurs, aux entreprises canadiennes et à l’économie du pays dans son ensemble.

Taxing the Tech Giants – Why Canada Should Not Follow the French Example

During the last federal election campaign, all parties promised to raise taxes on the digital giants. This publication shows that the so-called GAFA companies have been taxed at a level similar to or higher than large Canadian corporations, and that it will be consumers and the Canadian economy in general that would pay for such a measure.

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