The Capital Gains Tax and Inflation: How to Favour Investment and Prosperity

The inflation rate in Canada has been rising constantly for several months now. Expansionary monetary policies, as well as the economic sanctions accompanying the Russia-Ukraine war, suggest that significant inflation may be with us for the medium to long term. High inflation erodes consumers’ purchasing power, and also has a negative impact on Canadian taxpayers—including through the capital gains tax, an issue the MEI’s researchers examined in this publication.

Taxer les banques… ou les épargnants?

Les mesures politiques populistes telles que l’augmentation des impôts sur les banques et les compagnies d’assurance entraînent des coûts substantiels pour les consommateurs et les épargnants.

Quebec Budget: Unsustainable Spending Growth

On Tuesday, March 22, the Quebec government tabled its 2022-2023 provincial budget. In this publication, we note the significant growth in portfolio spending in recent decades, taking into account the newly-released numbers, and we use different scenarios to illustrate the magnitude of this increase.

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