Consumers will foot the bill for digital services tax

Behind the high-minded slogans about “fair shares” and “making multinationals pay” hide two other facts: that it is once again, as always, taxpayers who will foot the bill, and that the hoped-for benefits will likely not materialize.

GAFA Tax: A Bad Solution to a Nonexistent Problem

The federal government’s bill to impose a surtax on the revenues of digital companies would hurt Canadian consumers according this MEI publication. “No matter how the government dresses up its digital tax bill, it is Canadian consumers who will once again pay for it,” said Olivier Rancourt, Economist at the MEI and author of the publication.

Fiscal Issues in Canada – Ipsos poll commissioned by the MEI

With many predicting a recession and with inflation at a level not seen in 30 years, an Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of the MEI finds that more than seven in ten Canadians (72%) think the individual tax burden is too high, compared to one in five (21%) who think it’s at an acceptable level.

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