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Hydro-Québec: Independent Suppliers to the Rescue!

Over the coming years, Hydro-Québec is expected to have more and more difficulty meeting Quebecers’ demand for energy. As Energy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon admits, the crown corporation and the government can’t do it all at the moment.

Opening Up the Construction Trades Is a Must

The scarcity of labour is leading to longer delays and rising costs for construction projects. Faced with this situation, the minister of labour signalled his wish to reform the industry in order to reduce the pressure from this lack of workers.

Expropriation Must Remain the Exception

Expropriation should never be easy. Quebec, though, is trying to streamline this procedure and reduce its costs for municipalities or for its own government agencies by tabling a bill to amend the Expropriation Act.

Inflation No Longer Falling

Inflation in Canada is no longer trending downward. Statistics Canada announced yesterday that the 12‑month inflation rate had climbed to 4.4% in April 2023, up from 4.3% the month before.

The never-ending softwood lumber dispute heats up

The sort of protectionist policies being promoted with slogans such as “Buy American” are designed to give a leg up to certain local producers… at the expense of local consumers, and other producers as well.

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