Strawberries in January

According to the provincial government, Quebecers need to show a little restraint in their energy use, or else Hydro-Québec will soon be unable to keep up with demand.

Supply management and economics 101

Supply management is an artificial control of the dairy supply through quotas and controlling imports “as a means of setting stable prices for both farmers and consumers.”

Organic food during a famine?

Two thirds of Canadians bought organic groceries on a weekly basis in 2020, but with the rising cost of food, families are having to make tough decisions at the cash register.

S’affranchir du modèle seigneurial

La CAQ compte faciliter l’agriculture à petite échelle et l’émergence des nouveaux modèles d’affaires dans ce secteur habituellement plus traditionnel.

Allowing New Agricultural Models to Emerge

The rising prices of agricultural lands and the difficulties these pose to the next generation of farmers are a recurring topic in Quebec news media. Taking note of the situation, the Quebec government has tabled Bill 103.

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