Video Interviews

MEI – Healthcare Competition in Canada and Beyond – Emmanuelle B. Faubert

Interview with Emmanuelle B. Faubert, Economist with the MEI, about the implementation of a mixed health care system, like in France and Sweden, that would be supported by a majority of Canadians according to a new IPSOS poll commissioned by the MEI. Posted on the Consumer Choice Center’s YouTube channel on November 25, 2022.

IEDM – Des soins de qualité «B», vraiment? – Miguel Ouellette

Interview (in French) with Miguel Ouellette, Director of Operations and Economist at the MEI, about the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health, Lucie Opatrny, who recently mentioned that we will have no other choice but to provide “B instead of A+” health care. Broadcast on January 22, 2022 as part of the program Le Québec matin, on LCN-TV.

MEI – Better ways to promote French – Vincent Geloso

Interview with Vincent Geloso, Associate Researcher at the MEI, on the strong connection between the prosperity of francophones and the attractiveness of French in the province. Broadcast on May 26, 2021 on CFCF-TV’s CTV News Montreal at Noon.

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