Health Care in Canada 2023

Our health care system is costly and inefficient, with long waits and backlogs. Mixed models like France’s and Sweden’s integrate private facilities within a universal system, delivering better outcomes and allowing more Quebecers to be treated faster.

Taxation in Canada 2023

The federal government projects that it will spend $40B more than it collects this year. To properly understand what this means, here’s what it would look like if it was a typical family’s budget.

Quebec is the champion in terms of health care wait times

Quebec is #1… in terms of health care wait times. The median ER wait time here is 19 hours, versus less than 4 hours in Sweden. The secret to Sweden’s success is its mixed system, with entrepreneurs working within the universal system.

Free Stuff Isn’t Free

Taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for this endless government spending. The sound management of public finances is not just a concept, but an absolute necessity for the well-being of the population.

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