Quebec is the champion in terms of health care wait times

Quebec is #1… in terms of health care wait times. The median ER wait time here is 19 hours, versus less than 4 hours in Sweden. The secret to Sweden’s success is its mixed system, with entrepreneurs working within the universal system.

Free Stuff Isn’t Free

Taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for this endless government spending. The sound management of public finances is not just a concept, but an absolute necessity for the well-being of the population.

The effects of governments printing money on our daily lives

When the government constantly prints money to finance its exorbitant spending, the inflation that results affects us all. It’s simple: More money in circulation chasing the same quantity of goods and services leads to rising prices. Inflation is nothing less than a hidden tax. Isn’t it time to think seriously about this problem?

Quebec’s health care system needs fundamental reforms

The amount Quebec spends on health care is alarming. The Department’s budget has gone from $22 billion in 2004 to $45 billion last year. In Quebec, the wait for finding a family doctor is 599 days. In 2019, some 380,000 Quebecers left an ER without having been treated. Are we really getting our money’s worth?

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