Civic Engagement

MEI researchers and other staff are asked from time to time to take part in conferences, public debates, parliamentary committees, and other types of events. Their participation helps inform public policy debates on the basis of rigorous, factual, non-partisan research, conducted from the MEI’s perspective.

In this context, the MEI is happy to offer any organization or association, or any political party, the opportunity to draw on the skills of its staff, at no charge. They can among other things be called upon to act as speakers, debate participants, hosts, or moderators, or again as experts in individual meetings, as long as these requests correspond to the Institute’s areas of expertise. In this way, the MEI hopes to support initiatives that contribute to civic engagement and to the dynamism of public debates in a healthy democracy, including active participation in politics.

For more information on staff availability, please contact Renaud Brossard at 514 273-0969 (poste 2229).

The MEI also offers to all political parties represented in the National Assembly, as well as all of those represented in the House of Commons, the opportunity to avail themselves, at no charge, of a training service in economics and public policy.

For further details, please communicate with Daniel Dufort, at 514 273-0969.

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