Fresh Takes

The ill-advised GAFA surtax

This week, Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez declared that a bill forcing the GAFA companies to pay for news content had become his “top priority.”

The Bank of Canada must tackle inflation

The numbers are in: Canada’s annual inflation for 2021 was 4.8%, the highest rate since 1991. Even excluding gasoline from the calculation, inflation is 4%, which is double the Bank of Canada’s current target of 2%.

Electricity, CCUS, and net-zero

A new report by the International Energy Agency states that to achieve the climate goals the federal government has committed to, Canada would need to double or triple the electrical power generated from non-GHG-emitting energy sources.

Clean tech is a great idea, Calgary

Calgary Chamber of Commerce CEO Deborah Yedlin has reiterated the importance of accelerating clean tech for Calgary’s energy sector and economic recovery.

Yes, policing should be reformed

Both the Alberta government and the union representing the RCMP have planned a number of town hall meetings throughout 2022 to discuss moving toward a provincial police force.

Rescue Operations for a Shaky Mining Company

After having sunk $52 million of taxpayer funds into a company sheltered from its creditors, namely BlackRock Metals, Quebec’s CAQ government says it is ready to inject even more millions of public dollars to acquire a part of the company.

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