Health Care

Canada’s health care sickness

European countries like France, Sweden, and Germany are proof that the private sector can easily help provide universal and efficient healthcare coverage.

Activity-Based Hospital Funding in Alberta: Insights from Quebec and Australia

Adopting activity-based funding for hospitals in Alberta could shorten wait times and improve productivity, according to this MEI study. “Our current hospital funding model incentivizes treating the fewest patients possible, as each new patient represents an additional cost,” explains Krystle Wittevrongel, Senior Public Policy Analyst and Alberta Project Lead at the MEI.

ER Wait Times: Quebec Patients Must Be Patient Indeed

Quebec patients really do have to be patient. In the Anna-Laberge hospital’s emergency room, a typical visit lasted 13 hours and 4 minutes last year. It would be quicker to hop on a flight to Paris and get treated at the hospital closest to the airport.

C’est long longtemps dans les urgences du Québec

Le fait est que notre système de santé manque de capacité de traitement. Que vous vous présentiez en clinique externe, en salle d’urgence ou que vous ayez besoin d’une opération non-urgente, l’attente est un symptôme de ce manque de capacité.

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