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E-Book – Life After COVID: What’s Next for Canada?

The Montreal Economic Institute is one of five organizations calling for a timely examination of our collective finances, health care systems, options for economic growth, and more in the free e-book entitled “Life After COVID: What’s next for Canada?”

Pour un passeport vaccinal décentralisé

Il nous apparaît souhaitable que les voyages soient facilités pour les personnes disposant d’une preuve de vaccination. Pour le reste des secteurs, nous favorisons la mise en place d’un passeport vaccinal décentralisé et non obligatoire.

For a Decentralized Vaccine Passport

It has already been over a year since the pandemic turned our lives upside down and governments severely curtailed our individual freedoms. Thankfully, the vaccination campaign is now in full swing, so we can hope for a return to a better quality of life in the near future. This publication argues for the introduction of a non-mandatory, decentralized vaccine passport to help make this happen.

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