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Charter Schools Are Public Schools

Charter schools in Alberta are autonomous and non-profit, and they follow the curriculum set out by the province. They are tuition-free and publicly accountable for financial reporting, student achievement and educational goals, and complying with provincial policies and regulations. Overall, they provide parents with an alternative to traditional public schools, francophone schools, and separate schools in the province.

Yet critics are complaining about the diversion of funding from public schools—even though charter schools are public schools. Moreover, in Alberta, charter schools access only 1.2% of total public funding and make up 1.5% of the student population, and the funding follows the student. If you disagree with the guiding principles or ways of teaching in one of the 13 charter schools in Alberta, well, just don’t send your child there.

As an engaged parent, I know my child best. I know what will suit their unique learning needs, and what environment will foster growth and excellence. Having more options for parents who want them is simply providing more choice within the public system, and is in the best interests of all concerned.

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