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More Red Tape Reduction for Alberta

On November 4, Alberta’s second Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, Bill 80, was tabled. This bill proposes over a dozen changes across nine different pieces of legislation. Streamlined application processes in the Income and Employment Supports Act, consolidated Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan rules, and modernizing Alberta Human Rights Commission processes are a few of the proposed changes expected to reduce barriers and promote economic growth, ensure greater legislative clarity, and increase efficiency and expediency.

Removing red tape saves time, money, and resources. The government of Alberta promised in 2019 to cut red tape by one-third. It is currently over halfway to that goal, having reduced red tape by 18.3% as of October 28.

The government of Alberta has been on a hot streak in the reduction of burdensome regulatory measures. In addition to Bill 80’s proposed changes, on October 25, it introduced Bill 49 – The Labour Mobility Act – in a bid to reduce red tape in the interprovincial recognition of Canadian-trained professionals.

While some regulations are undoubtedly justified, excessive red tape stifles entrepreneurship and drags down the economy. As we focus on post-COVID economic recovery, we should use all the tools at our disposal. Alberta has been a leader in this area, moving to reduce costs and regulatory burden for businesses while making it easier for residents to access government programs and services. When it comes to reducing red tape and burdensome overregulation, all provinces should be following suit.

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