Nudge: A New Way of Governing That Needs Oversight

There should be oversight of the government’s use of “nudges,” according to this study released by the MEI. “At the moment, Canada has no structure in place for the oversight of the use of behavioural science by governments to direct the choices of citizens,” explains Nathalie Elgrably-Lévy, senior economist at the MEI and author of the study.

Why Economic Growth Is Good for the Environment

This Viewpoint published by the MEI explains that growth in the average income of a society’s inhabitants tends to be correlated with growth in forest cover. “A more prosperous society tends to be a greener society,” asserts Vincent Geloso, senior economist at the MEI and author of the study.

Thousands of Housing Units Obstructed by the City of Montreal

Projects totalling nearly 24,000 units have been obstructed in Montreal since the Plante administration took office in 2017, according this study published by the MEI. “By preventing the construction of tens of thousands of units, the Plante administration is contributing to Montreal becoming less and less affordable,” says Gabriel Giguère, author of the study.

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