Quebec Must Set Up a Standing Expenditure Review Committee

The return to a balanced budget in the medium term is necessary, and it must be achieved by controlling governmental expenditures. One way to do this is to set up a standing expenditure review committee, as the federal government did following the financial crisis of 2008-2009, shows this publication.

How Does the Trump Administration’s Budgetary Record Compare?

As he takes office, President Joe Biden is inheriting a health crisis, an economic crisis compared by some to the 1929 crisis, and mismanaged public finances. This Economic Note sketches a picture of the budgetary policy of President Trump, under whose management the federal government’s debt grew by 36%.

Consultations prébudgétaires 2021

L’année 2021 s’annonce comme étant charnière pour la survie de nombreuses entreprises québécoises. Les mesures sanitaires mises en place dans la foulée de la pandémie ont eu pour effet de freiner les opérations d’un grand nombre de commerces et d’entreprises qui fournissent des emplois aux familles du Québec. Afin d’assurer le maintien et la progression de notre niveau de vie, le gouvernement devra poser des gestes concrets.

Canada Must Do More to Protect and Encourage Freedom of Expression

A climate of censorship seems to be taking hold on our university campuses, within our cultural institutions, and even among the general public. This new puritanism hurts the economy and makes Quebecers poorer. Indeed, this publication shows that we would be richer if we had even more freedom of expression.

Les Débats de l’IEDM : Le confinement en vaut-il le coût? (in French only)

A dialogue of the deaf has been going on for months now between those who support lockdowns and those who have doubts about their effectiveness. Both camps often display a lack of civility, with insults flying in all directions. It is therefore quite difficult to find a good summary of the arguments of both sides. It is with a view to addressing this lack and helping people make up their own minds that the MEI has prepared this debate between two experienced economists on the costs and benefits of lockdowns.

The CFS: A Measure That Will Hurt Canada’s Economic Recovery

The federal government will soon publish the new Clean Fuel Standard (CFS). Although this reform has attracted less attention from the general public than the imposition of a carbon tax, it is once again Canadian manufacturing companies and consumers who will feel its effects. This Montreal Economic Institute publication shines a light on the unintended consequences of the CFS.

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