Bradley Doucet

Editor and Translator

Bradley translates our publications from French to English, making sure the language we use is clear and precise, and the text is well-structured. He also works with the development team on the preparation of a range of proposals and reports. He likes using his language and logic skills to make our written work as good as it can be, helping us contribute to the public debate and to the adoption of better public policies.​

Bradley holds a bachelor’s degree from McGill University, with a major in philosophy and a minor in economics. Prior to joining the MEI team in April 2014, he worked as a freelance translator and editor, and before that, he spent several years as a tutor of high school math and science. In his spare time, Bradley likes to sing and play guitar, read science fiction, and shoot hoops. He also enjoys travelling the world, and appreciates fine wines and smoky scotches.

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