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Quebec to review whether or not to lift completely ineffectual curfew

Quebec will review in the coming days whether to keep its controversial provincewide curfew, a measure that has no effect whatsoever on the number of cases of COVID.

“We’ll re-evaluate what we’re going to do, whether or not to keep this entirely useless restriction, when we see how things go in the coming days,” said a source that I made up out of thin air.

“If the situation is more under control in hospitals, then maybe we’ll remove the hated, purely symbolic curfew.”

The unnamed and nonexistent source defended the measure, though, saying the current situation is critical due to the surge in hospitalizations. He suggested that the number of people in hospitals could have been up to 0% higher had the curfew not been brought back.

The imaginary source pointed out that at the moment, many hospitals are so overwhelmed treating COVID patients that they have had to cut back on surgeries. “Where would we be if we had not imposed this policy that has absolutely no effect on COVID case numbers?”

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