The pernicious effects of price controls

Governments in Canada and elsewhere around the world continue to control the prices of many goods and services. These controls, aimed at helping certain producers or portions of society, result in a number of pernicious effects that damage the economy and impair wealth creation. It would be preferable to let prices play their proper role in the economy and to establish other public policies providing direct assistance to those who require such help.

Should cigarettes be banned in public places?

Many governments in North America and Europe, such as France have moved toward a ban on cigarette smoking in public places, or are planning to do so. Defenders of this approach argue that second-hand tobacco smoke causes health risks for non-smokers, who should be protected through a ban on smoking in public places. This leads to major economic considerations. An economic approach is needed for a full assessment of the relevance of such measures. (In collaboration with the Institut économique Molinari.)

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