Le choix de l’école pour tous – Un projet de bons d’étude adapté au Québec

The history of the Quebec education system since the 1960s can be summed up as follows: more expensive educational services, centralization of educational financing at the provincial level, and standardization of educational practices. This approach seems to have reached its climax. Increases and centralization in educational financing and standardization in educational practices no longer seem to have an effect on pupils' performance at school. Educational vouchers aim to introduce a market mechanism to the public education system by linking school financing to the number of pupils they receive. The goal is to encourage schools to respond to demands from consumers of educational services, namely parents.

The Report Card on Quebec’s Secondary Schools 2002

The Report Card on Quebec’s Secondary Schools provides an annual, independent measurement of the extent to which each school meets basic needs. The Report Card thus serves several purposes. For one thing, it facilitates school improvement, and for parents who have a choice between several educational institutions, it can help them make an enlightened decision.

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