Lessons from Ranking the Fiscal Performance of Quebec Premiers Since 1944

Former Premier Jacques Parizeau takes the top prize in terms of fiscal responsibility, according to this ranking of Quebec premiers since 1944 published by the MEI. The size of the Quebec government reached a historic…

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Canada’s and Quebec’s Energy Needs (2022)

A majority of Quebecers support the development of a local energy sector, according to an IPSOS poll commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI).

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Electricity in Quebec before Nationalization(1)

To mark this week’s 60th anniversary of the election of the Jean Lesage government in 1962, the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) publishes a short work of economic history looking at the national myth surrounding Hydro-Québec…

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The reason to care about economics, and the reason to study it, is not just to understand material well-being, but instead it's about a much bigger picture: how we cooperate in a world of strangers and diversity, and how we turn that cooperation into better and longer and more peaceful lives for more people.

Steven Horwitz (1964-2021), Distinguished Professor of Free Enterprise, Ball State University.

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The State of the Boreal Forest Harvest

Setting the record straight on mistaken information about the forest harvest in Canada.

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