Canada Must Do More to Protect and Encourage Freedom of Expression

A climate of censorship seems to be taking hold on our university campuses, within our cultural institutions, and even among the general public. This new puritanism hurts the economy and makes Quebecers poorer. Indeed, this…

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Second Time’s the Harm: Repeated Lockdowns Risk Turning a Temporary Downturn into an Ongoing Depression

The Quebec government has announced stricter lockdown rules before the holidays. Yet repeated lockdowns, even if partial, are likely to inflict the effects of an economic depression on SMEs rather than those of a simple…

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Indigenous Rights Survey

With the federal government tabling a bill last week aiming to make the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples applicable to Canada, a clear majority of Quebecers are opposed to them having…

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"The big takeaway from the pandemic era might not be the ease with which governments steal away our freedom by invoking the alleged necessities of a crisis. The real revelation is how little effort it takes to make many people like it."

‒​J.D. Tuccille, "The COVID-19 Pandemic Keeps Proving Deadly to Liberty," Reason Magazine, September 11, 2020.

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