Economic Freedom Reduces Poverty: The Canadian Experience

A lighter regulatory and tax burden would have reduced the number and the length of episodes of poverty in Quebec, shows this study published by the MEI. “The economic literature is very clear: the weight…

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Pharmacist-Led Clinics Improve Access to Primary Care: Alberta Paves the Way

Emulating Alberta’s pharmacist-led clinic model could enhance access to primary care and help avoid unnecessary emergency room visits, according to this study from the Montreal Economic Institute.

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Increasing the Capital Gains Inclusion Rate: A Tax Hike on Investing and Entrepreneurship

Raising the capital gains inclusion rate will deter venture capital investment and entrepreneurship in Canada, asserts this MEI study. “If the Trudeau and Legault governments are looking to chase away investment, then they’re on the…

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The reason to care about economics, and the reason to study it, is not just to understand material well-being, but instead it's about a much bigger picture: how we cooperate in a world of strangers and diversity, and how we turn that cooperation into better and longer and more peaceful lives for more people.

Steven Horwitz (1964-2021), Distinguished Professor of Free Enterprise, Ball State University.

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