For a Strong and Resilient Post-COVID Health Care System - Reforms to Expand Surge Capacity

Our health care system is hard-pressed to withstand the repeated blows of the pandemic. One of the issues highlighted by the health crisis is the urgent need for more hospital beds, as Canada lags behind…

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Healthcare in Canada 2020

With Canadians locked down to varying degrees in order to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, a very large majority of them want the system to have better surge capacity. Canadians, and especially Quebecers, also think…

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Improving our hospitals by emulating Sweden

Many countries are innovative when it comes to managing their health care systems as well as possible. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in Canada. For its part, Sweden provides an interesting example: It entrusted…

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"The big takeaway from the pandemic era might not be the ease with which governments steal away our freedom by invoking the alleged necessities of a crisis. The real revelation is how little effort it takes to make many people like it."

‒​J.D. Tuccille, "The COVID-19 Pandemic Keeps Proving Deadly to Liberty," Reason Magazine, September 11, 2020.

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