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When your job doesn’t impress columnists

A few weeks ago, the MEI made the case for protecting part-time workers. Those jobs are a much-needed first rung on the ladder for many Canadians, especially the young and the vulnerable.

Today, Journal de Montréal columnist Jean-Denis Garon argues for the opposite, for destroying part-time jobs—because part-time work represents “misery capitalism,” whatever that is, and because he thinks it’s simply not “ethical” for Canadians to want to pay lower prices for hotels or taxis.

Translation: If your job isn’t good enough to impress journalists, then you should be jobless.

Helping people move up the ladder is laudable. Attacking them because they haven’t moved up already is not. Perhaps next week, Mr. Garon will suggest the City of Montreal ban the homeless until those people, too, impress him.

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