Commentaries on the MEI

Michael Walker, Executive Director of the Fraser Institute

The Montreal Economic Institute is a powerful force for good in Canada. By bringing to Quebec policy debate a market-based perspective on issues ranging from school performance to free trade the Institute and its highly respected leader Michel Kelly-Gagnon are making a tremendous contribution to Canada’s future. The Fraser Institute has been pleased to collaborate with MEI and to learn from its research.

Michael Carin,"Free Market Thinking - The Quebec-based think tank, celebrating its fifth anniversary, has become a compelling voice in the public policy arena," Montreal Business Magazine

“…the MEI can be said to have exerted an effect on our public discourse much greater than even its most optimistic supporters would have believed possible. […] In the francophone milieu, and even though it’s still a small organization, the MEI has grown to be the largest private think tank in the world. In Quebec, it has become a respected fountainhead of free market ideas related to public policy decision-making. Across Canada its voice is not only heard, but increasingly called upon.”

Ghislain Dufour, former president of the Conseil du patronat du Québec (1986-96) and vice-chairman of the board, National Public Relations, Montreal Business Magazine

“The public profile and credibility that the Montreal Economic Institute has achieved after only five years of existence are extremely impressive. It’s unusual for an organization of any sort to reach such heights in such a short time.”

Mary Anastasia O'Grady, "Young Canadian Thinkers Challenge the Status Quo", The Wall Street Journal

“[I]n Quebec’s largest city, the Montreal Economic Institute is making waves. It researches and sparks debate on a wide range of issues including the quality of public education, health care and regulation, doing so in a province otherwise dominated by the single issue of separatism. Washington’s like-minded Atlas Economic Research Foundation says of MEI, “We consider it to be one of the beautiful success stories of recent years in the world of think tanks.” MEI is only five years in the making but in March it won the 2004 Templeton Freedom Award for Institute Excellence.”

L. Jacques Ménard, O.C., Chairman, BMO Nesbitt Burns and President, BMO Financial Group, Quebec

“Meticulous economic analysis is among the best means of avoiding dead-end situations, which end up being costly for everyone. This is the contribution of the Montreal Economic Institute at a time when, unfortunately, protests too often take the place of rational discussion.”

Allan Gotlieb, Ambassador of Canada to the United States from 1981 to 1989

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to address the Montreal Economic Institute. This institution, under the leadership of Michel Kelly-Gagnon, has few equals, if any, in the impact it has had on public policy debates in this country in so short period of time. […] Along with a very few other precious think tanks in our country, it is at the forefront of the thrust of new ideas for social and economic change in Canada.”

Peter Black, "Private Care? Mais oui!", The Ottawa Sun, p. 15

“The [Montreal Economic] Institute has become an increasingly influential voice for positions that often run counter to the presumed traditional precepts of Quebec society…”

David Gratzer, M.D., during a Luncheon Speech organized by the MEI

“I have so much respect for Michel Kelly-Gagnon and the work that he and his staff do. Of course, I’m not the only admiring fan. Some of you may know that the Montreal Economic Institute was just awarded the Templeton Award for 2004, given to just 15 think tanks in the entire world. This in my view is the intellectual equivalent of winning the Grey Cup or perhaps the Tour de France.”

Maxime Arseneau, Quebec's National Assembly Education Committee Vice-Chair and Member of the National Assembly for Îles-de-la-Madeleine, during the Committe's public hearings on the quality, access to and funding of higher education in Quebec

“It was an extremely interesting presentation […] This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard your suggestions as many groups that have appeared before us have cited your figures, data and research.”

Paul Cellucci, US Ambassador to Canada, in a letter

“I was also very impressed by the breadth of your organization’s research and publications, especially those that touch on U.S.-Canada priorities. Clearly, you are building an excellent reputation for the [Montreal Economic] Institute.”

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