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Montreal Economic Institute launches French edition of international best-seller defending globalization

Montreal, April 29, 2003 – The Montreal Economic Institute, in partnership with Quebec-based Editions Saint-Martin, is finally making available to Francophone readers around the world the only book in favor of globalization to have become an international best-seller. Already published in six languages (Swedish, English, Dutch, German, Greek and Turkish), this essay entitled Plaidoyer pour la mondialisation capitaliste (original title in English: In Defence of Global Capitalism) is a direct response to the antiglobalization arguments that have been at the forefront of debates on this issue since the 1999 WTO Summit in Seattle.

Based on supporting data, its Swedish author Johan Norberg shows that the opening up of trade and international capital flows is an indicator of progress, especially for the world’s less fortunate. In a systematic way, he refutes the arguments of those who oppose free trade and capitalism. Featured in several prestigious newspapers and magazines such as the Financial Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and The Times, the work of Johan Norberg was awarded the Anthony Fisher International Memorial Award in 2002, a prize that rewards the remarkable works published by independent public policy research institutes.

MEI’s executive director, Michel Kelly-Gagnon, is delighted that his institute has taken the initiative to translate and promote the book. “You can go in any good Francophone bookstore and of the dozen or so books about globalization on display, you won’t find any that has something positive to say about this phenomenon. Whether you’re in favor or not, you’ve got to hear both sides of the story to be adequately informed. From now on, French-speaking readers will have access to this important contribution to the debate on globalization.”

Mr. Norberg toured Canada for a week to promote his book and spoke to audiences in Toronto and Winnipeg. His visit to Montreal on April 24 did not go unnoticed. About two dozen demonstrators from the Quebec Federation of Labour and other groups denounced free trade and globalization in front of the hotel where he was talking. In an article published on April 28, Canada’s National Post compared the 30-year-old author to Canadian antiglobalization activist Naomi Klein, describing him as “every bit as good-looking as left-wing pin-up Ms. Klein.”

The book will be available in Quebec bookstores in early May, and a few weeks later in Francophone Europe. Promotional copies can be obtained by contacting MEI.

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For information: Patrick Leblanc, Director of Events and Communications, MEI, at (514) 273-0969 or at pleblanc@iedm.org

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