Suburbanization and automobile use: Myths and Realities

An increasing number of claims are being made that automobiles and suburban development undermine our quality of life. On the contrary, economic history demonstrates they are essential conditions to prosperity. No urban area of the western world has succeeded in significantly reducing the use of cars through coercive anti-automobile measures or investments in public transit. The only realistic solution to traffic congestion is an efficient highway system.

The Director of Research and Publications at the MEI, Martin Masse’s presentation focused on the economic and environmental impacts of suburbanization and automobile use.

Presentation (PDF format) | Presentation (PowerPoint format)

Photos taken during the event

Paul Daniel Muller, President of the MEI, introduces the keynote speaker.

Martin Masse, Director of Research and Publications at the MEI.

About 100 people attended the conference.

Martin Masse met with some participants after the conference.

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