Understanding Public Policy Myths

This one-day seminar took ideas out of the classroom and applied them to practical issues of importance to Canadian students. Participating students explored topics such as: Is it possible to have both economic development and a cleaner environment? Is it true that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer? Are governments using the fight on tax evasion as an excuse to tax us more? What is the appropriate relationship between Canada and the USA? This year’s Guest Speakers were:

JASON CLEMENS is the Director of Fiscal Studies at the Fraser Institute and has done extensive research in the areas of fiscal policy, taxation, charities and civil society. He discussed the topic of income distribution and mobility in his talk, Who We Were Isn’t Who We Are or Who We’ll Be.

PIERRE DESROCHERS is the Director of Research at the Montreal Economic Institute. Is a drastic reduction of economic activity the only path towards sustainable development? His talk, The Bottom Line of Green is Black, examined how it is often possible to reconcile corporate profits and improved environmental amenities.

TOM VELK is a professor of Economics at McGill University, and his research interests are in monetary economics and public policy. He discussed the nature of Canada’s relationship with the USA in current times.

FILIP PALDA is a Professor of Economics at ÉNAP, and a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute. Tax evasion can cripple economic growth, and governments are devoting increasing resources to fighting it. His presentation was, Fighting Tax Evasion: Are we Going Too Far?

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