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June 27, 2006

27 June 2006

Canada and the liberalization of air transport markets over the Atlantic

MEI’s Flashpoint on the liberalization of air transport markets

Last April, Canada and the United Kingdom announced an "Open Sky" agreement which, when concluded, will represent another major step in the liberalization process of the air transport market between the two countries. The agreement was reported to provide for unlimited so-called "Fifth Freedom Rights" for both countries to enable Canadian airlines to carry traffic to and from third countries through the U.K. The same reciprocal rights are to be available, of course, to British carriers through Canada. It remains to be seen whether the European Commission, which has successfully contested the rights of the European Union members to negotiate air bilateral deals independently of Brussels, will choose to challenge this agreement.


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MEI in the Media

Higher energy costs, infinitesimal environmental benefits
Op-ed by Michel Kelly-Gagnon, President and CEO of the MEI, and Guillaume Tremblay, Public Policy Analyst at the MEI, published on August 25 in The Globe and Mail.

Quebec’s costly daycare experiment
Op-ed by Michel Kelly-Gagnon, President and CEO of the MEI, published on August 24 in several Sun Media papers.

Waiting lists are a persistent problem in the health care systems of Quebec and Canada, contributing to the deterioration of patient health and quality of life. As part of its health care research program, the Vice President of the MEI, Mr. Jasmin Guénette, met with patients and medical professionals in order to better understand the harmful effects of waiting lists.

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Economic Newsflashes

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Le coût annuel du programme des centres de la petites enfance est passé de près de 300 millions en 1997-1998 à 2,6 milliards en 2014-2015,...