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Test Your Knowledge with the MEI’s Economics Quizzes

Montreal, August 7, 2020 – Today, the Montreal Economic Institute released its second economic quiz, which can be found on the MEI website. The quiz is comprised of a short 10-question questionnaire designed to assess knowledge of basic economic concepts.

The questions relate to various subjects, ranging from everyday situations to key economic principles such as the law of supply and demand, exchanges, and personal finance principles.

“The purpose of these quizzes is to provide people of all ages with a way to both be entertained and educated. In particular, parents can use these quizzes as a tool to educate and spend time with their children before they return to class,” explained Gaël Campan, Senior Economist at the MEI.

“Financial and economic literacy are issues that are close to our hearts, and the MEI is proud to help all those interested in current events and public policy and who want to better understand all the issues at stake. We invite those interested to consult the resources and readings relating to a variety of economic topics on our website,” adds Campan.

The MEI’s economic quizzes are available on our website.

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