Video Interviews

IEDM – Me Jacques Archambault – CSST

Jacques Archambault, certified human resources advisor, explains how the current mismanagement of the health care system has a negative impact on the CSST. Broadcast on February 24, 2011 on the ARGENT business news network.

MEI – Louis Fortin – Unions

Interview with Louis Fortin, associate researcher with the MEI and author of an Economic Note "The Quebec unionization model: correcting the anomaly." CTV News, February 1st, 2011.

IEDM – Claude Garcia – Gestion Hydro Québec

Comments of Claude Garcia, former president of Standard Life's operations and associate researcher at the MEI, concerning the high cost of Hydro-Quebec compared to similar energetic companies. Broadcast on January 31, 2011 on TVA.

IEDM – Louis Fortin – Syndicalisation

Interview (in French) with Louis Fortin, certified industrial relations consultant, lecturer at McGill University and associate researcher at the Montreal Economic Institute, concerning the Quebec unionization model, an anomaly that must be corrected. Interview aired January 31, 2011, on the ARGENT business news network.

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