One Country, One Market Conference – A National Conference on the Future of Free Trade Within Canada

Free trade within Canada is one of the hottest public policy issues on the national agenda right now.

After the Supreme Court’s Comeau decision, public awareness of the problem of interprovincial trade barriers has never been higher, and the opportunity to do something about them has never been better. Prime Minister Trudeau even recently called for a First Ministers’ Meeting on the topic this fall.

The time is ripe for a real examination of why we don’t have the same internal free trade here in Canada that our peer countries or other federal jurisdictions like the E.U., the U.S., and Australia have, and to explore what practical measures we can take to open up our internal market to the benefit of Canadian businesses and consumers here at home.

On November 1st, the One Country, One Market Conference brought together some of Canada’s top economists, constitutional scholars, industry representatives, and politicians for a one-day conference in Ottawa to discuss the future of free trade within Canada.

About the Organizers
The One Country, One Market Conference is a non-partisan event hosted by the Canadian Constitution Foundation, the Montreal Economic Institute, and the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

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