The Other Health Care System: Four Areas Where the Private Sector Answers Patients’ Needs

The recurring problems with which Canadian patients are faced, such as overcrowded emergency rooms and the inability of seeing a doctor when you need to, regularly occupy the front pages of our daily newspapers. In international rankings, Canada systematically finds itself at the bottom of the pack, among the countries where waiting times for health care are the longest. Yet there exists another health care system, an essentially private one that works well but that does not always get the credit it deserves. This Research Paper provides a picture of four areas where the private sector responds promptly and effectively to the needs of Canadians: seniors’ housing and care, pharmacy services, dental care, and eye care.

Media release: How would you like to wait six months to see a dentist?

Links for individual chapters

Chapter 1 – Private Seniors’ Housing and Care: The Quebec Example
Chapter 2 – Pharmacies in Canada: Accessible Private Health Care Services
Chapter 3 – Dental Care in Canada: The Private Sector Responds Effectively to Demand
Chapter 4 – Eye Care in the Private Sector: Innovation at the Service of Patients


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