The George Lengvari Sr. Lecture Series

Winston Churchill’s economic philosophy

The 2014 edition of the George Lengvari Sr. Lecture Series featured Andrew Roberts, historian, biographer and a world renowned expert on Winston Churchill.

Mr. Roberts is also a best-selling author of several books, including The Storm of War published in 2009, who has won many prestigious prizes. Some of his works have been adapted for the BBC. Margaret Thatcher had him designated as the person authorized to speak for and on her behalf before the Margaret Thatcher Archive Trust.

Photos taken during the event

Once again, this year’s edition of The George Lengvari Sr. Lecture Series was sold out (click to enlarge).

Mr. George Lengvari, member of the board of the MEI and lead sponsor of The George Lengvari Sr. Lecture Series, Ms. Mila Mulroney, Ms. Inez Lengvari, and the Right Honorable Mr. Brian Mulroney.

Mr. Robert Guy Scully, the evening’s MC.

Mr. Michel Kelly-Gagnon, President and CEO of the MEI.

Mr. Andrew Roberts, keynote speaker.

Mr. Jean-Paul Gagné, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, and Publisher Emeritus of the weekly business newspaper Les Affaires and winner of the 2014 John Dobson Medal for Free Enterprise.

Mr. Kelly-Gagnon, Mr. Rémi Marcoux, Transcontinental founder and Board member, and Mr. Gagné.

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