A Plea for a Quebec-Alberta Dialogue

In recent years, the sometimes strained, sometimes fruitful relationship between Quebec and Alberta has attracted a lot of attention. The issues raised by this relationship will have undeniable impacts on Quebec’s future: equalization, the division of powers between Ottawa and the provinces, the energy future, climate change, etc. Despite the importance of these questions, the relationship between Quebec and Alberta has never been the object of extensive study. And when it does provoke declarations from public figures or analyses in the media, these are often based on commonly held but mistaken ideas or distorted perceptions. The goal of this research paper is to deepen our understanding of the economic and political interests that the two provinces have in common.

Media Release, May 12, 2011 :: The Montreal Economic Institute calls for a Quebec-Alberta dialogue

Poll on Quebec-Alberta relations – March 31, 2011 :: In late March, the MEI released a Léger Marketing poll showing that more than two-thirds (68%) of Quebecers agree with the idea that Quebec should create closer political and economic ties with Alberta. As regards the oil sands issue, Quebecers seems to take a pragmatic approach. A majority (56%) believe Quebec will still need oil 20 years from now. And even more of them (71%) see Alberta oil sands development as desirable, provided continuous efforts are made to limit the environmental impact.

Conference by Michel Kelly-Gagnon before the Canadian Club – May 17, 2010 :: Over the next few years, we must engage in a constructive and realistic dialogue with Albertans. The Canadian Energy Research Institute estimates that oil exploitation in Alberta will add $2.857 trillion to Canada’s GDP during the operating period. Rather than jeopardize these advantages through demagogy or sensationalism, an attitude more in keeping with our mutual interests would involve trying to understand the environmental challenges at issue and to develop a pragmatic approach. (Speech PDF format)

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