Private health care: a French experience

Reactions for and against the participation of private suppliers in the health care system show the extent of citizens’ concerns regarding an area they rightly view as vital. Victor Mennessier, Chairman of the board of the Clinique Vauban in France, will help us understand how the presence of the private sector in France, in competition and in collaboration with the public sector, can work to ensure better care for the populace. Among other matters, he will talk about the mission and development of his private polyclinic, which is fully integrated with the public health insurance system. He will also address relationships between private clinics and public hospitals, issues of competition and cooperation, the advantages of this type of hybrid system, and the factors of success for a private clinic at the heart of the health care system.

Presentation (In French only – PDF format)

Photos taken during the event

The conference was preceeded by a cocktail.

J. Edwin Coffey MD (on the right), Associate Researcher at the MEI, met with participants.

Marcel Boyer, Vice President and Chief Economist of the MEI, introduces the speaker.

Victor Mennessier, Chairman of the board of the Clinique Vauban in France.

Many stakeholders attended the luncheon.

Johanne Mullen, senior vice-president and director for the Advisory Services Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Montreal, hosted the questions period.

Photos: Claudio Calligaris

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