Healthcare: it’s time for an in-depth reform

Despite massive reinvestment in health care, the system remains incapable of meeting demand. Claude Castonguay, one of the architects of the system, says the March 26 election results open the way to real change; the time for in-depth reform is here. On May 16, Mr. Castonguay issued a call for change to the people and government of Quebec, with the focus on a more open health care system that offers greater choice to patients.

Towards significant changes in English or in French.
A longer version of this presentation by Mr. Castonguay is available on CIRANO’s Website.

Photos taken during the event

Paul Daniel Muller, President of the Montreal Economic Institute.

Claude Castonguay, Former Health Minister and Founder of the Quebec Health Insurance Plan.

More than 250 attendees showed up for the luncheon speech.

Many medias where interested by Claude Castonguay’s view on the Quebec health care system.

Many attendees had questions for our guest speaker.

Joseph Facal and Michel Clair.

Hélène Desmarais, Chairman of the board of the MEI, with Jean Coutu.

Adrien Pouliot, board member of the MEI, Jacques Chaoulli, senior fellow at the MEI, and Claude Castonguay.

Photos: Claudio Calligaris

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