Yes We Can! Succeeding in School in a Disavantaged Neighbourhood

Before the Montreal Economic Institute, Ms. Chan presented a conference in which she showed that schools do make a difference and even students who are attending schools in a disadvantaged socio-economic neighbourhood can succeed.

Yvonne Chan’s bio (PDF format) | Presentation (PowerPoint format)

Photos taken during the event

Michel Kelly-Gagnon, MEI’s President, with Yvonne Chan.

Yvonne Chan with Richard Marceau, co-author of the Report Card on Quebec’s Secondary Schools.

Yvonne Chan with Patrick Leblanc, MEI’s Communications Director.

Edwin Coffey MD, Associate Researcher with the MEI.

Michel Kelly-Gagnon, MEI’s President, presenting the speaker.

Stephen Jarislowsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jarislowsky Fraser and sponsor of the event.

Yvonne Chan with a journalist.

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