Tobacco Today, Fast Food Tomorrow? The Tyranny of Public Health

Jacob Sullum discussed “the war on fat” as the latest manifestation of a collectivist philosophy that says the government has a duty to protect “public health” by discouraging behaviour that might lead to disease or injury, like smoking cigarettes and eating high-fat food.

Presentation (PowerPoint format) | Commentaries on the PowerPoint presentation’s slides (PDF format) 

Photos taken during the event

MEI’s President, Michel Kelly-Gagnon, with Jacob Sullum.

MEI’s Vice-President, Maxime Bernier, with Nathalie Elgrably, economist at the MEI.

Guest speaker: Jacob Sullum, senior editor at Reason Magazine.

More than 200 people showed up at the Ritz-Carlton to attend Jacob Sullum’s conference.

MEI’s Chairman of the Board, Adrien D. Pouliot, attended the conference.

David Romano from Cage Canada during the questions and answers period.

J. Edwin Coffey MD, Senior Fellow at the MEI, and Dr Jacques Chaoulli, Associate Researcher at the MEI.

Photos: Claudio Calligaris

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