$7-a-day childcare: Are parents getting what they need?

With the stated aim of preventing “two-tier” childcare from emerging, the Quebec government recently blocked subsidized private daycare centres from engaging in extra-billing for supplementary activities. This coercive measure is a logical outcome of the centralization and standardization process that began a decade ago. Although the Quebec childcare model is seen by many as being among the most advanced in Canada or even the world in terms of family policy, the perverse effects of government management are being felt increasingly. Does this policy really suit the parents it was meant to help?

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APPENDIX 1: Tax Consequences of Using $7-a-day Childcare / APPENDIX 2: Effects of Widespread Use of Subsidized Daycare on the Well-Being of Children and Parents

Media release: $7 daycare – The Montreal Economic Institute urges solutions that are fair to everyone

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