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The MEI is announcing a change in the role and responsibilities of its President and CEO, Michel Kelly-Gagnon

Montreal, November 4, 2022 – After almost 21 years heading the organization, Michel Kelly-Gagnon will be leaving his position as President and CEO of the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) in 2023.

Mr. Kelly-Gagnon will continue in his current position up until the arrival of his successor, with the recruitment process to begin later this fall. He will thereafter remain actively and regularly involved in the organization as “Founding President” and as a member of its Board of Directors.

Under the leadership of Mr. Michel Kelly-Gagnon, the MEI had become one of the most important independent think tanks in Canada, with offices in Montreal and Calgary.

“Thanks to the MEI’s employees, board members, and loyal supporters, I have been able to play a key role in the development of this unique and essential voice which is the MEI’s in economic and societal debates in Quebec and all across Canada,” says Mr. Michel Kelly-Gagnon. “It has been a true blessing to work at a job that corresponds so well to my deeply held values. I am moreover enthusiastic about the idea of continuing to support the organization in collaboration with the next CEO.”

“Michel has done no less than build the MEI from the ground up,” adds for her part Ms. Hélène Desmarais, Chairman of the institute’s Board of Directors. “He leaves behind him an enormously influential organization in excellent financial health. We are particularly happy to be able to count on his assistance in the future as we pursue our path of growth, outreach, and impact.”

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The Montreal Economic Institute is an independent public policy think tank. Through its publications, media appearances, and advisory services to policy-makers, the MEI stimulates public policy debate and reforms based on sound economics and entrepreneurship.


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