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More bureaucrats mean fewer private sector jobs

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation released a study finding that 43,000 Quebec public sector workers earn $100,000 or more.

It gets worse. According to an IMF study, every 100 public sector jobs destroy 150 private sector jobs, for a net loss of 50 jobs. This is largely because those public salaries have to be paid with higher taxes, which themselves destroy economic activity.

Considering there are 550,000 public sector employees in the province, this implies that around 275,000 Quebecers are out of a job thanks to bureaucrats’ paychecks. This is due to the resources the government extracts from the private sector to feed itself.

As for those 43,000 well-paid bureaucrats, this study suggests they threw at least 20,000 Quebecers out of work. But at least those unemployed workers can be confident that the bureaucrats are well-fed.

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