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It’s time to end economic interventionism

We learned recently that the Quebec government plans to reach into taxpayers’ pockets, to the tune of over $200 million, in order to finance the former C Series. Again. This squandering of public funds is simply unacceptable, especially given that Quebec has already wasted $1.3 billion in this program.

Once more, the government of Quebec is demonstrating its economic illiteracy by adopting interventionist measures. The current policies will only benefit a few companies arbitrarily selected by the government, with no regard for Quebecers’ nest eggs. If the goal were really to help grow Quebec companies, the government would cut their taxes. Instead, it has decided to burn through billions of dollars by deciding which companies will have success, however artificial. It’s time to face facts: Economic interventionism is dysfunctional, and sticks Quebecers with a hefty bill.

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