Réactions aux travaux de l'IEDM

Atlas Economic Research Foundation’s Institute Spotlight

« The product of a fruitful collaboration between Montreal-area entrepreneurs, academics and economists, the Montreal Economic Institute was founded on the belief that the intelligent application of free-market principles in the development of public policy is the key to insuring the prosperity and long-term welfare of society.

Atlas is proud to have been involved in the development of this young institute, which is becoming an important voice in Quebec public policy debates. This fall the institute is gearing up for a busy program schedule, which will include a series of conferences examining the future of health care in Quebec, the problem of interprovincial tariff barriers, and the question of internet taxation. They will also be launching MEI’s 2000 Report Card on Quebec’s Secondary Schools and Prof. Michel Boucher’s study on Hydro-Quebec.

The impressive Montreal Economic Institute Website, which is available in both French and English versions, includes a Virtual Library, containing full-text essays and articles on a variety of subjects – from public policy studies to the history of economic thought. »

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