Theory, History and Thinkers

Il faut protéger notre liberté d’expression

Au cours des dernières années, un mouvement important de censure s’est établi au sein des médias, du milieu académique et de la population en général. Pourquoi doit-on s’inquiéter de ce mouvement?

Canada Must Do More to Protect and Encourage Freedom of Expression

A climate of censorship seems to be taking hold on our university campuses, within our cultural institutions, and even among the general public. This new puritanism hurts the economy and makes Quebecers poorer. Indeed, this publication shows that we would be richer if we had even more freedom of expression.

The Lessons to Be Learned from Past Pandemics

In addition to a health crisis, the coronavirus pandemic raises concerns about an economic crisis. While several commentators draw parallels with the Spanish influenza, this MEI publication analyzes the economic lessons that should be learned from this historical episode.

18 Essential Classical Liberal Thinkers

This booklet contains short write-ups on the lives and ideas of eighteen classical liberal thinkers from the past century and a half. Together, these short biographical essays tell the story of the evolution of classical liberal thought as the benefits of freedom have spread, though haltingly and unevenly, around the world. And they point the way forward to a future of greater and more widespread wealth and well-being for all.

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