Do we still need to regulate telephone services?

In the field of telecommunications, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) protected monopolies against entry when it should not have, and it now grants privileges to their competitors while there are no more economic reasons to do so. Even if it could be argued that telephone services were a natural monopoly before the development of the new telecommunications technology, this is not the case any more, and it seems that the CRTC no longer has any reason to intervene in this sector. A good economic case can be made for a real and complete deregulation of telecommunications in Canada.

Drug Price Controls and Pharmaceutical Innovation

Drug costs have undeniably risen more quickly than other health care costs. The share of drugs in overall Canadian health care spending went from 10.8% in 1988 to 15.7% in 2001. However, the higher drug expenses facing Canada’s health care systems are not due to price increases imposed by multinational pharmaceutical firms. Various factors explain the growth in drug spending.

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