Liberalization of Markets

SAQ pricing: The cheaper the wine, the more it’s taxed

Montreal, June 19, 2023 – Documents from the Société des alcools du Québec obtained by the Montreal Economic Institute through a request for access to information show that the least expensive private importations sold in stores are also the most heavily taxed.

Economic growth is good for your health

The more our economy grows, the greater our ability to invest in life-saving and life-improving treatments and procedures, equipping ourselves with tools that enable us to live longer, healthier lives.

Ode à la croissance

Loin d’être la menace que l’on nous présente, la croissance a le plus souvent été une source de solutions pour les problèmes auxquels l’humanité doit faire face.

De l’importance de la croissance économique

Opposer des baisses d’impôts (ou toute autre forme d’allègement fiscal) à une meilleure qualité des services publics est un faux dilemme. Nous pouvons nous « payer » les deux, et encore plus.

Examining Canadian Competition in the Digital Era

The MEI is honoured to have been invited to participate in a consultation on the Canadian Competition Act in a continuing effort to ensure Canada has an effective and impactful competition law framework. We have read the discussion paper that examines whether digital markets have distinctive features that would invite significant changes to our competition law, prepared by Professor Edward M. Iacobucci, and wish to comment.

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