Liberalization of Markets

For less discrimination, more capitalism

One of the favourite myths peddled by proponents of government control is that under the free-market system, discrimination is rife and leads to unfair outcomes for minorities, women, and other groups.

Internal Trade Provincial Leadership Index – 2021 Edition

With the vaccine rollout in full swing, the public’s attention is increasingly focused on economic recovery. The authors of this Research Paper propose a very simple solution: a true free trade agreement among the Canadian provinces. This publication includes among other things a ranking of the provinces and territories according to their openness to internal trade. Alberta takes first place, and Quebec comes in last.

Entrepreneurs Stepped Up in Response to COVID-19

For over a year now, the spotlight has been on governments and the actions they have taken in the context of the pandemic, sometimes obscuring the great contribution of entrepreneurs in maintaining a certain quality of life for Canadians in these difficult times. This publication lifts the veil on the efforts made by entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves, pick up the pace, and help us meet this challenge.

Solutions to Help Restaurateurs

The physical distancing measures in effect to slow the propagation of the coronavirus are hitting the restaurant industry hard. An MEI publication proposes solutions to help the sector.

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