Viewpoint – Is President Trump a Threat to Canada’s Auto Industry?

Donald Trump’s recent statements regarding the investments of auto industry giants and vehicle imports from Mexico have created significant uncertainty in Canada. His threat to impose tariffs at the U.S.-Mexico border to protect the American auto industry raises the possibility that Canada might also be affected by such a measure. If this were to happen, the economic consequences could be very harmful for both Americans and Canadians, since after half a century of trade liberalization, the two countries’ automotive industries are now completely integrated.

Would a $15 Minimum Wage Accelerate the Rural Exodus?

A strike of fast food restaurant employees in New York in 2012 gave birth to a movement demanding a substantial increase of the minimum wage in the United States, calling for it to rise to $15 an hour. Since then, several cities and states have established timelines for raising the minimum wage to that symbolic threshold. In Quebec, the major labour unions have taken up the charge, along with the symbolic $15 target.

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